About the Keen's

Dallas and Donna Keen met in Texas in 2004.  Married in 2007, this team of thoroughbred trainers joined together to form a partnership unlike any other.   Training racehorses was both of their passions and understanding the hard work and dedication the horses require made them the perfect training duo.   They not only love horse racing but are dedicated to the sport and all of the equine athletes that make it possible.

Together, the Keen's operate a Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Accredited program at their farm in Burleson, Texas.  The 501(c)3 non profit organization Remember Me Rescue was founded in 2008.    About 30 retired race horses from all over the country are retrained and rehomed each year through their organization. 





 hosted by Marla Zanelli

This video was taken at Santa Anita and features Curlin's Journey, one of the horses in the Keen stable.     Marla Zanelli is a long time racehorse advocate and is dedicated to educating the public on the outstanding care and appreciation racehorses receive on a daily bases. 

Horse in our stable receive individual care and attention 

We do not have, or want, 100 horses in training.  Our smaller stable allows us to have hands on every horse everyday.   We strive to keep our horses happy and winning.  Owners receive updates often through phone calls, email or text and we post on social media with owners permission.  

The horses in the Keen Stable receive daily therapeutic treatments at no additional charge to the owners.  We have our own Theraplate, (vibration stimulation), and Magnawave, (magnetic pulse therapy), that are included in your day rate.

Dallas Keen 817-528-6655

Donna Keen 817-689-1214

email dallaskeen@hotmail.com

Where we race

We are currently racing in Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Louisiana

Contact Dallas Keen by call or text 



Partnerships and Claiming Horses

We always have owners looking for partners to claim horses.   Please call or email for more information on how to claim a horse for yourself or with one or more of our racing partners.

You can also join one of our partnerships already in progress with a low buy in and low monthly costs.  Its amazing how winning feels the same whether you own 100% or 5%.  Come join the fun and excitement of being a racehorse owner. 

Current partnerships available on Copper Casing, a 3 year old gelding and Iambadger, a 3 year old filly.  Featured is Copper Casing.  Buy in is $3500 for 5% and monthly cost will run less than $150.

Both horses are accredited Texas breds. 


For questions on claiming horses or how you can become a part of our stable email us at